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Hair Colouring

Colouring hair is at the forefront of our creativity. Let our stylists enhance your hair with a range of techniques and endless colour combinations.

Whether you want a complete change, a subtle hint of colour, or simply to cover grey, we have everything you need and a fully trained team waiting to get to work on you!

Try our fashion shades of grey, a key look for this season, or a range of Ombre and Balayage techniques.

Enjoy a full consultation before any colour service where you can relax in the knowledge that your stylist will understand your fears and answer any questions you may have.

All our staff specialise in colour correction.

Hair colouring treatments in Enfield

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Permanent colour

Used to change hair colour or for covering up grey permanently until hair re-grows, when a root tint is recommended, every 4-6 weeks.

Hi – lights

Any combination of colours can be used for foil hi-lights or low-lights. Just one shade or several different colours or blondes either in a T-section, a half head or full head for maximum effect.

Semi-permanent colour

Semi- permanent colour can cover small amounts of grey hair, or it can add tone and depth to faded hair. Sometimes used to brighten the mid lengths and ends to avoid colour build up when using permanent colour. Many fashion shades available along with base shades.

Placement colour

Placement colour can add a flash of colour to enhance a haircut, or be subtly placed and can be seen with movement of the hair. Blondes or fashion shades of permanent colour are usually used for this method, however, semi- permanent colour can be used to temporarily add tone to the hair.

Ombre / Ballayage

Variations will depend where the colour is placed. A sun kissed look which is understated or a more noticeable dark to blonde fashion statement is easily achieved using this method. The possibilities are endless, come in and talk to one of our stylists about the look you want to create!

Colour correction

This is a specialist colour service that will always need a full consultation first to determine the problem. Used for correcting hi-lights, changing from coloured hair to blonde, or colouring over blonde. We strongly recommend this for clients who may have had colour disasters elsewhere! All our staff are fully trained to correct colour.

N.B. there may be occasions where we cannot guarantee the desired result in just one session! Consultation beforehand will alert us to any possible issues.

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If you would like more information about any treatment please call us on 0208 367 9977 or 0208 364 5700 or email us.

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