Great new product!

We are constantly looking out for new products!

Innovative and creative ideas definitely have a very important place in every business and particularly in a creative environment.

However, there are also times when something simple is just the best!

We regularly assess what we need as a salon…styles change, fashions come and go and what might be in vogue today, can be gone tomorrow!

One of the staple products that we use on many of our clients hair is anything with volume and lift properties.

We recently discovered a volume blow dry spray from Milkshake that is brilliant for creating lots of body when blow drying.

Simple to use and you don’t need a lot to get the desired effect.

We also have volume shampoo and conditioner to complete the range.

Looks easy…

This week, Richard had a client that wanted to lighten her hair a few shades. This lovely lady had been using box dye for years and had been desperate for change. A full consultation ensued and between Richard and his client, they decided on a course of action to start the process.

There was a long wait for her to get an appointment with Richard as he knew it would take many hours and different processes.

At first glance, it can look like a very easy job to just lift hair a couple of shades…however, it is usually the opposite being true.

Lifting old colour out is tricky business and one can never be sure of the finished result.

Richard started by using de-colour. This was applied twice and left on for 30 minutes each time.

This lifted some of the old colour out and he set about doing a whole head of highlights to lift out some more. He then put a root colour on to cover any greys and removed the foils to apply a toner.

Our lovely client was very pleased with the end result and there is more work to do in a few weeks.

She arrived at 9.00am and left around 4.00pm!

This is all to lighten the hair a few shades. It isn’t an easy task and something that seems so easy, is so hard!

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