Latest Toners!

A few years ago, toners were used only very occasionally.

The range was fairly small and although some salons were using them to tone highlights, the choices were limited.

Thankfully, not so today!

The lightening revolution that has taken place in the last few years has seen the development of many more tonal colours.

Trends do come and go of course and the ash tones that have been the preferred choice of many to tone down yellow/orange for so long are now changing.

Biscuit mocha and all the colours of chocolate are trending in some salons along with the ever popular hues of pink and purple.

We have toners covered!

Our beautiful Gloss range, has all the shades and some intensifying ink drops to truly enrich the colour.

Our Gloss’s cover up to 70% of grey hair and we have found in some cases, it’s more.

There is a neutral shade which simply adds a glossy sheen to the hair, it is conditioning too, leaving the hair super soft.

This product is ammonia free, acid PH and closes the cuticle down, making the tone/colour last much longer without lightening or modifying the natural root colour or structure.

There many shades to choose from and with pure pigment drops – there are literally thousands of different colour combinations creating the perfect tone for your hair.

As with any toner, the after care is very important.

Gloss toners should last for 20-25 washes depending on hair porosity but the more you have them, the longer they will last. They are super conditioning for all types of hair.

These can be used to correct or tone colour. They can’t be used to change or lift the natural base tone.

We have a lovely selection for you to choose from, so get your skin test done and treat yourself!

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