Springing into Summer…

Spring is in the later stages and summer is upon us, which means wedding season will be in full swing!

If you’re a bride or groom, bridesmaid, best man, Mother of the bride or simply a guest at a wedding, you will want to look your best.

Your hair is your crowning glory and particularly for the bride, is second only to the dress and shoes!

There are a few things to think about when planning your hairstyle for the big day and we would like to share some of them with you.

Firstly, you should start thinking about your hair months before the wedding. You need to plan things like colour, length, whether you will wear accessories or a veil and how you will want it on the day.

For it to be in tip-top condition on the big day itself, we recommend having some conditioning treatments. These can be started ion a few months ahead. Our Fibreclinix treatments are fantastic, using the finest ingredients and can restore your hair back to the pre-colour state. There are 5 to choose from: Repair, Volume, colour, keratin smooth and moisturising. Something for everyone.

Once your hair is in good condition, it is easier to work with and obviously will look and feel miles better.

Find your wedding dress first!

We always recommend finding the dress first. How can you know whether to wear it up or down if you don’t know what style of dress you’re wearing?

Once you have the dress, it will be clearer to you on how to wear it, up, down, half up, curly or straight. There are other factors to think about too, such as whether you will be wearing a veil or not. Will you need a colour on it? Will you need accessories or hair extensions?

It’s always good to be open-minded about possible style, as sometimes, the image you have of a particular style may not be suitable for your hair or go with your outfit. You will need to book a few trials to test them out and it is vital that you bring any accessories or a veil with you. Some accessories are too heavy for the hair and can’t be fixed in securely.

Fresh flowers in your hair are fantastic however some may go brown or even die before the day is over – not a good look for a bride!

When you are making an appointment for hair up, there are several things to take into account.

  • Time – how long might it take? Hair can be put up in less than 30 minutes but this will usually be a simple style and the hair must be pre-washed the day before. If it is washed on the day, it will be too soft to put up. Some styles can take a couple of hours to produce and this is one good reason to have a practice run beforehand.
  • Will it need to be set first? Or even the day before?
  • Even the clothes you wear to the salon will be important. You shouldn’t wear anything that needs to be pulled over your head. Wear something that can be unbuttoned preferably.

If you would like to chat informally about having your hair done for a special occasion, please get in touch, we will be happy to talk things through with you until you decide on what to have.

Other news…

We are very proud to announce that Leanne is a fully fledged stylist and no longer a graduate! She has worked hard to build up her clientele and she thoroughly deserves her promotion. Well done Leanne!

We have a few summer offers so please take a look at our offers page for the latest news.

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