Summer Hair

Summer is here! By date anyway 🙂

It is Prom season, Festival season and holiday time. For many, this will be a time to change their hairstyle or enhance their colour.

It is so important to protect your hair from the sun as much as possible. Otherwise, it could be damaged irreparably. Sun will dry out hair causing split ends. The sun’s UV rays have a chemical reaction on the hair from the cuticle to the inner layers, creating a bleach like process.

It is easy to forget your hair when you’re busy protecting your skin, which is hugely important!

A good shampoo and conditioner are crucial; there are many on the market. If you have colour on your hair, it is best to use a colour protector shampoo to ensure minimum colour lift from the sun. A matching conditioner is a good idea because it will be ph balanced, this will minimise damage.

Schwarzkopf Rose Oil shampoo and conditioner feels amazing in your hair, also rose oil used after shampooing or on dry hair, is formulated for fine hair and will not feel heavy or make the hair limp. It will neutralise the drying effects of the sun, leaving it feeling soft and manageable.

Chlorine has a damaging effect on hair too however most people draw the line at wearing a swimming hat! A good leave in conditioner before and afterwards will help. If you prefer sulphate free products, Milk Shake has a range of excellent shampoo and conditioners, which contain keratin giving hair a plumped feeling and ironing out dryness.

Summer colouring available too, such as balayage and muted soft tones, pastels and greys.

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Go on… treat yourselves!

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