Hair trends in the last century

Hair styles through the decades

Comparing hair styles through the decades, there are similarities to most of the finished look. Each look is soft and feminine.

Styles come and go, long, short, straight or curly, hair plays a major part in someone’s total look. These are a selection of hair styles from the 1900’s through to today. Although haircutting remains top of a stylists artistic talent and what they studied for and worked hard to achieve, there are so many other factors involved in creating beautiful hair.

Traditionally, the way to become a hairdresser is to attend College either full time or part time and gain salon experience by working there part or full time, often starting work on a Saturday whilst still at School.

Today, this way is still the most popular, although there are many different ways to qualify as a Hairdresser. The person that will stand in front of you and cut your hair, who you will perhaps build a relationship with as time goes on, will have studied hard, sat numerous exams and had many hours of practical experience before being let loose on paying clients!

The skill of hairdressing should never be underestimated, artistic ability knows no end.

77 The Hill are members of the National Hairdressers Federation, which is a professional body set up for Salons and individual Hairdressers to belong to. They know the industry standards and are there to offer help and advice on many issues. We feel this is vital to our brand as it is a prestigious organisation.

We want you to feel happy, relaxed and confident in our ability to style your hair, knowing that we have years of experience and a great back-up to reinforce our high standards.

Sometimes it’s easy to stick with the same look as we know it suits us however you don’t want to be stuck in another era! We hope you enjoy looking at these different styles through the decades. Is it time to update your style?

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