Wedding season

This year will be huge for weddings!

Many have been on hold or postponed for the past couple of years and there will be so many people looking forward to celebrating with their extended families, without fear of cancellations or limits on numbers!

Of course, a bride’s hair is her crowning glory and almost as important as her dress!

A look back in history, tells us how different wedding hairstyles have come and go.

During the 40’s, money was short and half of the decade was taken up with World War 2. Hair was extremely glamorous, particularly for weddings.

The 50’s were all about glamour and the 60’s were all about backcombing!

In the 70’s, there was a definite shift in style. Backcombing was still in vogue, however, there was a softer more feminine style emerging. Soft flicks and masses of hairspray!

Julia Roberts, in Steel Magnolias, epitomises wedding hair 80’s style! It was fussy, frilly and often heavily accessorised.

Moving on to the 90’s, hairstyles were a little lost for a while. There wasn’t a definitive style as such. Hair was still fussy, left over from the 80’s but there were some very casual styles too. Jennifer Aniston started the hair cut trend that would last for the whole decade!

On to the 2000’s…. The elegant chignon was a bride’s dream hairstyle. Elegant and timeless it has stood the test of time.

2010 to the current day

This decade was when festival hair came into its own! Soft waves and curls, half up, half down and super casual. This style needed a lot of work but looked effortless when it was finished. Plaits, twists and braiding add to the look. There were fussier styles too with intricate hair up dos!

Today, a bride will have researched styles and have a very good idea about which style suits her or will compliment her gown. We recommend a couple of practise goes first and knowing the style of the dress is a good place to start.

It’s fun to try out different styles and adds to the build-up of excitement about the big day itself.

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