Focus on styling products for a grand finish!

Salon styling, is one thing…

You’re going out to celebrate something and go to your favourite hair salon for a beautiful blow dry.

The stylist may use 3 or 4 different products for a polished look!

There are so many to choose from.

Mousses, blow dry sprays, serums, creams, oils, pastes and powders to name but a few.

Occasionally, a client may specify that they don’t want or need anything in their hair and this is absolutely fine of course. However, if you need a strong hold or want your style to last for a long period of time, the use of a product or 2 is a must.

It may be helpful to know which products do what and how they are used on hair.

First off, a good shampoo and conditioner has been used to cleanse and smooth the hair – then it has been styled with the desired look, now to finish.

A few examples of finishing products…

If height and volume is needed, Milkshake Powder Pop is designed to give volume. It is weightless and light with a matte finish. It packs a punch to any style or type of hair.

If a smoother look is needed, Smoothing Cream is perfect. It has a light consistency and is easy to use. It will smooth the cuticle and give a soft finish. It has a light hold.

Glistening Serum will eliminate frizz and protects the hair against heat. It leaves the hair with an incredible shine and balances moisture.

Curls need definition and smoothing too. Curl Perfectionist does just that. Giving long lasting shape and taming curls, intensifying the natural texture of the hair.

If you need a firmer hold, Fixing Paste adds texture and flexibility but still holding the style. Containing milk proteins, sunflower seeds, Quinoa extracts and organic fruit, it is really easy to apply and will hold your style for as long as you need to.

These are just a few examples of the amazing finishing products that we stock from the Milkshake range.

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