Introducing Davroe!

For some time, we have been looking for a top end vegan product to introduce to the salon.

Interest in vegan shampoos and styling products has grown massively in the last few years and we think we have found the perfect line for our clients.

Davroe, is Australian, entirely family run, it has been around for 30 years already but has only just broken the market here. Vegan is not new to this brand, they have built their reputation on vegan and cruelty free products.

We are so thrilled to be one of the first salons to introduce some of the range and we are excited to show you what Davroe is all about!

Davroe contains no parabens, sulphates and is petrochemical free. Using only highest quality ingredients and sensitive to the environment.

All the products are natural and contain pure plant and flower extracts.

Some of the ingredients are only found in Australia and some are native to the area that Davroe comes from and is still manufactured to this day.

There are several ranges, more of which we will learn about over the coming weeks.

It is so important to keep up with trends and create new ones if possible – we believe that we will be extremely competitive with this beautifully put together range.

All the ranges are aesthetically pleasing to look at and will enhance any bathroom or spa.

With simple but beautiful packaging, every aspect of the product has been carefully thought about, including different sizes for every item. A great bonus for going on holiday or travelling and you want to take a smaller, more convenient size.

Every product has a lovely aroma, which leaves your hair smelling and feeling good.

We think Davroe will become a household name!

We know you will get to know it and love it too.

If you would like more information about any treatment please call us on 0208 367 9977 or 0208 364 5700 or email us.