Schwarzkopf Young Artistic Team 2018

Hannah and her YAT!

We had an evening out to celebrate Hannah’s success recently. Showing support is important, we are a team but individual success is paramount as we can all share and learn more knowledge. Together we are stronger and our clients feel the benefits of this.

These are exciting times for Hannah and this is what she said when asked about her recent training.

In her own words:

“I have just had a very inspiring three days.

I have had the privilege of working with the amazing Debbie G, learning the secrets of success and working on stage. We have all started out together, which helps us to bond and our common goals are the same.

We had a fun photoshoot, some great down time where we got to know each other and ate and drank together. This brought the team closer together, which is important for the success of the next year together.

Everyone was really lovely, and I’m so looking forward to becoming even closer together and making more unforgettable memories and most importantly, growing as a stylist and a person and pushing myself to the limit and out of my comfort zone.”

There will be lots more to post on our website as time goes on and we wish Hannah lots of luck.

A quick reminder:

For any new clients booking with us – particularly online, if you are having a colour with us for the first time, it is vital to have a skin test first. There is a small window of time that this can be done – up to 5 days before and no less than 48 hours before any colour service.

It is a simple procedure that doesn’t take a minute but could save any future problems regarding allergies or sensitivity to colour.

Skin testing should be done annually after this, also, if you have recently had a tattoo, hair colouring should not be carried out due to the higher chance of having a reaction.

Thanks for reading our blogs/news items, we really appreciate your interest.

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