Celebrity hair

When looking for ideas for new hair styles, or the latest fashion shades, a good source of inspiration can be found by looking at celebrities.

The latest catwalk, or film premier (pre-covid) where actors, models and celebrities gather in their finest clothing and accessories.

Celebrities, tend to choose high profile salons or stylists for any hair services and sometimes will be visited at home by their hairdresser, to avoid having to mix with inquisitive members of the public where they can get their tresses styled in the comfort of their own home, without any questions.

Famous people can make or break a haircut! Jennifer Aniston had the most asked for haircut in the USA and UK for years. Her stint on friends, catapulting her into stardom, made her an A-lister with massive TV exposure making people buy into her style.

Pop stars and sports stars can have a similar effect. A good example of this would be David Beckham. He was never afraid to try out new haircuts and occasionally the odd colour too! Many lads tried to emulate him and copy his style.

Princess Diana always looked immaculate with freshly blow-dried hair and following in her footsteps, Kate Middleton has long beautifully shiny hair, which always looks perfect.

The effect that famous people have on the general public is real. From royalty to actors, rock stars to footballers – if there’s a commercial look to be had, someone will copy it.

When a customer walks into a salon and asks for their hair to be done in the same way as a celebrity, it’s not just simply copying what they’ve got. There are many things to take into account, such as durability – you can’t work in a bank and have a bright pink mullet style!

Not only that but the customer may have fine limp hair or extremely thick and wiry hair that cannot be styled or cut in the same way. Their face shape might not be right or they may not be able to manage the style without a stylist doing it for them.

It can be a good starting point, showing an image or magazine article and if the stylist is experienced, they should be able to create a suitable version of the style to suit you!

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