Fringes re-visited!

A fringe can change your look quite dramatically!

Have you been thinking about changing your look lately?

Not sure whether to go for it or just a small change?

Having some kind of fringe could do the trick without going too short.

Let’s explore options!

A fringe can be personalised. In fact, it’s one of the simplest ways to personalise hair with a dramatic effect or a very small effect.

Your stylist will know which fringe will suit your look. Face shape, hair length, thickness and existing style will come into play.

A long oval face would suit a fuller fringe resting on the eyes. This will draw the eye to the fringe as opposed to a long face.

A rounder face might suit a smaller narrow fringe which could be swept to the side or chipped into, minimising a round face.

If there’s a fringe that you think will suit you, discuss with your stylist. Even if it’s not the best option for you, confidence will make a huge difference to the way one carries a style!

A full fringe can make a dramatic statement which is not for everybody. Most people decide on a softer look, such as wispy or side swept or the American bangs – of which there are many versions.

Take a look at celebrity magazines or social media platforms at what salons are doing and find a style that you love. Your stylist will be able to sort through your choices and conclude which one would be best for you.

Always remember, if you don’t like, or cannot manage it once it’s done, you can normally blend it in with the rest of your style until it’s grown out. Sometimes, this gives you another look which is something else to think about when choosing your new fringe!

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