Hair, with or without…

Often, we start life without any hair at all and, in some cases, finish up the same way!

Although, most of us, at some point in our lives, enjoy a reasonably full head of hair.

As we grow through childhood into adulthood, we can become more focused on how it looks as we want to be seen in the best possible way.

Hair has a practical role to play on our whole body.

Eyelashes are there to protect the eyes from dust and debris and to limit the amount of light that can enter. Our eyebrows are there to protect the eyes from sweat from the forehead.

Hair on our head helps to protect and cushion the skull and provide a little warmth.

Bodily hair helps to regulate our body temperature and in areas where it is thicker and coarser, for example, under the armpit, it is there to prevent friction of skin on skin during intense exercise.

But what if someone doesn’t have body hair?

Today, for a certain generation, it is the preferred choice to have no bodily hair for both males and females.

Do we really need body hair?

We can easily live without it however, apart from the reasons above, a study carried out at Sheffield University, and showed that bed bugs were detected quicker in people that had hair on their arms!

This also could have been one of the reasons why body hair hasn’t disappeared through evolution.

Back in prehistoric times, men in particular were born with a lot of body hair and it is assumed that the women of this era, preferred men with hair because they had less parasites.

Food for thought!

Who can tell, whether in hundreds of thousands of years, hair follicles will still be part of our anatomy.

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