Summer, our happy place!

Summer brings requests for blonde hair and this summer is no different to any other!

Balayage is the most requested service for colour, closely followed by roots colour and bleach and tone.

Balayage can be any shade above black!

A lot of people prefer subtle lighter shades, rather than the full-on blonde experience.

So, what is balayage and why is it so popular?

The word balayage is a French term for sweeping. The sweeping strokes of the colour brush, describe the method of colouring perfectly. Gentle subtle strokes that gently lighten the hair. Over time, the colour can build up around the mid-lengths and ends, creating a more defined look.

Balayage is popular because it can be done on almost any hair colour….more about this later….length or hair type. It is easy to look after and you can grow it out easily without any roots.

Almost any colour can be used, as long as it is lighter than the existing hair. Reds, coppers, blondes, chestnut browns, violet and mahogany all look beautiful when using the balayage method.

The overall finish to balayage, should be subtle and a different effect to high-lights.

When balayage was first on trend, it was only intended to be the most subtle of colours, just gently lightening natural hair colour. Over time, the demand for more of a lift has become greater.

It can be difficult to lighten hair that is anything darker than light brown – a base 6 or 7. The method used for balayage is usually free hand, therefore the result will be more subtle.

It is always best to speak to a stylist about the possibilities of lightening hair that is darker than a base 6. Expectations can be high and there are occasions where the desired result simply cannot be achieved.

If it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while, take the plunge and talk to one of our team.

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