Are we eco-friendly enough?

The short answer to this question is most definitely not…

However, sometimes the tools we need to be able to deliver a completely eco-friendly experience and reduce our carbon footprint are just not there.

Firstly, there cannot be many people who do not understand the importance of being kind to planet Earth!

There are many differing viewpoints on the subject of global warming, however without bringing any politics into it, we can all agree that we should all be aware of fairly easy things we can all do to help, like recycling and making good choices.

The hairdressing industry as a whole has a large carbon footprint – the main culprits being, high energy usage and chemical and waste products.

There are many ways for salons to be more sustainable.

One of the most important ways of focusing on salon carbon footprint is for all staff to be fully trained and understand how to reduce waste and use less electricity.

By using energy-saving lightbulbs

Reduce the use of lighting. For example, turn the shop front lights out instead of keeping them on 24 hours a day.

By reducing heat or air conditioning output. If the salon has a back door or a front door that is easy to keep open, it’s worth considering.

Recycling waste and packaging.

This isn’t easy to do unless the local council has facilities to pick up your recycling.

Our council does not provide any containers for keeping waste separate from recyclable products, so unfortunately all of our waste goes in the same bin.

It could be a good investment to have solar panels fitted – if it was appropriate for the building. Although it would incur a large cost to begin with but could pay for itself over time.

Most hair and beauty companies are very aware of producing eco-friendly packaging, products and using far less chemicals.

Here at 77 The Hill, we have some eco-friendly Hair dryers, disposable towels, large shower heads with small shower holes on our back washes to ensure there’s no water wasted and we sell hair brushes and clips made from straw. By using disposable towels, which can be recycled, it negates the use of washers and dryers. We also use energy saving lightbulbs and have started to vary the salon temperature.

We could go further and it is something that is constantly under review

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