Grey hair – is it the new black?

The ageing process is inevitable – lines, wrinkles and grey hair, are all unavoidable and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Some people are more comfortable than others where grey hair is concerned.

Male or female, there is little difference in age as to when we start going grey.

Before the age of 25 is common and at 18 years, it is not unheard of! By the time we get to our 50’s, we are usually well on the way to a whole head of grey or white hair. So why do some people go grey early and apart from using permanent colour to hide it, what other things can we do to enhance it or cover it up?

Grey hair is hereditary. Whilst there are other contributing factors to the hair ageing process, such as poor diet or health and environmental factors, it is mostly genetics that will give you grey or white hair.

At some point in our lives, the melanin in the hair follicle will start to die off, causing the natural pigment in our hair to fade and eventually, become grey or white. White hair is simply hair with no pigment in and grey hair is whilst it is fading. That’s why some people have hair that is ‘salt and pepper’ in appearance and other people have pure white hair.

Going grey is usually a long process over years rather than weeks or months. There is no immediate rush to get to the hair dye! Not only that, one will normally find certain areas around the hair that go grey first. The temples and the parting are very common areas to find the first greys. Unfortunately, these areas of hair growth, show the most – causing the most dissatisfaction and reason to run for the dye!

There are many different options if you want to cover up your greys and it all depends on how much grey you have.

What if you want to enhance your white hair or grow out old colour to see what shade you are left with?

If your hair is white, it is very easy to add tone or colour in the form of highlights or low lights. This breaks up the overall look to a softer tone but still keeping a more natural look. There are also several grey tones to bring out your grey or make it brighter or give it a bluey or lilac undertone.

All of which can look stunning and totally unique.

However, if you have been going grey for many years, have dyed your hair to cover it all up and you are ready to grow out your colour, there are pain-free ways of gradually going au naturel!

There are semi-permanent colours that will cover about 70% of grey or white hair. This is a good way of growing out old colour until you no longer need it or it has been cut out. Bear in mind, this will take some time – especially for long hair. Having regular trims will help with this and obviously having short hair, will be much quicker.

If you’re thinking of growing out your grey, or covering it up, come in and talk to your stylist to get the best advice for you.

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