Let’s re-visit the grey debate!

So many people are deciding to stay grey, or at least enhance it.
There are many ways of doing this…

The best way to start, is talk to your stylist and have a game plan. One of the worst things about growing your colour out, whether it be grey or any other colour, is the stark line that is created by the difference between the grey and the base colour.

This is usually the reason why people give in and leave the process at the first hurdle. However there are lots of ways to prevent the line from looking strong and like it is growing out.

Hi-lights will always soften the line, or a softer base shade can blend in the grey until it fades out some more whilst it’s growing.

Whilst everyone goes grey at a different age, it is generally considered that stress can play a part in how soon you start the process. This is due to stem cells that don’t replenish pigment producing cells. It is also determined by genes on both the male and female side. Whilst some people slowly grey around the temples – a common place to notice the first few greys, others go grey almost overnight, showing around the hairline, parting and front of the hair.

It’s always a leap of faith when deciding on going back to grey, partly because the shade of grey is never clear until it’s fully grown out. Whiter hair is when all of the pigment has faded from the hair follicles. The amount of melanin determines how much pigment shows in each hair.

A lot of people prefer white hair, which has no Pigment at all.

White or grey hair, can pick up yellow pigment, from environmental factors such as the sun. These pigments can look a lot better if they’re neutralised, using shampoo with a purple or blue hue. This also helps to create a more modern look and bang on trend.

Grey hair is usually coarser than naturally pigmented hair, therefore it makes sense to nurture and condition it. A good conditioning treatment should be used once a month, or more if it is particularly coarse.

A little news…

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