Our happy new year!

What did you all do for your Christmas party last year? It all seems like a distant memory now…

We were lucky enough to go on a fabulous trip to Amsterdam with our very generous boss, Mel

We took a very early flight out early in the New Year and spent a day and a night in the wonderful city of Amsterdam.

After dumping our luggage off in our 5 star hotel, we went on a sightseeing trip through the city. Stopping at various landmarks and eating and drinking our way around!

We had a lovely canal trip with accompanying commentary on some headphones – although by then, a couple of us were flagging and did in fact doze off, hahaha!

We also visited the Venustemple, commonly known as the sex museum. It’s full of paraphanalia about all things sex! There are floors full of art, from locally sourced artists and various large items, which are ideal for having your photo taken on… We had fun in here and it was an absolute bargain at 5 Euros entry fee.

As most people know, no visit to Amsterdam is complete without a visit to the red light district. It’s a fascinating place to see, with an interesting history and we made sure whist being respectful, we tried not to make eye contact in the wrong place at the right time!

Interesting facts about Amsterdam

  • Holland is one of the only country’s to have its own national dog Breed, the Keeshond
  • Orange carrots first made their appearance in Amsterdam in the 16th Before that time, they were white, yellow, purple and black.
  • Prostitution is legal as long as the worker is over 18 and the client must be over 16
  • It is legal to grow marijuana in your own home but is only legal to buy in cafes.
  • Euthanasia became legal in Holland in 2002
  • Holland is on its way to producing 2 billion tulips per year
  • The Van Gough museum, receives 2.2 million visitors per year, making it one of the most popular places to visit in Amsterdam. Anne Frank’s house, another popular attraction, received 1.2 million visitors last year.
  • Barber shops are extremely popular in Amsterdam, as they are in London

We loved our 36 hour visit and recommend it to anyone of any age. There is certainly something for everyone.

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