Stylish February

We love February!

Not only is it a short month, it also means that spring is on its way!

February is like a fresh start. December is all about Christmas and New Year and January is the hangover from the celebrations!

We are raring to go at the salon and are looking forward to seeing our plans for the coming year come to fruition.

All of our team have been busy so far this February and we wanted to show off their work. The photos you see are real clients that have been in the salon during February.

Focus on shampoo

The shampoo that we choose to wash our locks with, is very important if we want to get the best out of our hair.

There are of course, many types and brands on the market but how do we choose? How do we pick which one is best for our individual hair type?

Firstly, one should take into account whether we have any colour on our hair. It’s a good idea to use a colour protection shampoo especially when you have had fresh colour. A good colour retaining shampoo will lock in shine and protect colour vibrancy. It must be capable of retaining 90% of the colour until the next colour service.

Another shampoo option would be to use an oil based shampoo. This is good for extremely dry hair or hair that is affected by environmental conditions. There are different strengths of oil, some heavier, some lighter. For example, Rose oil is lighter and Argan oil is heavier.

There are many coloured shampoos options, from purple to neon pink! They are capable of depositing a small amount of pigment into the cuticle and are a fun harmless way of giving your hair a temporary new look.

There are countless other shampoo types, such as moisture enhancing, repair shampoo for chemically processed hair and ageing hair products for longer hair or hair that is mature.

Sulphate free shampoo has become the preferred choice of many. There is much debate about which is best for your hair and it can depend on many factors. Firstly, sulphates cut through grease and dirt and it’s the very ingredient that will clean your hair thoroughly and create the wonderful rich foam that we associate with clean hair.

Sulphate free shampoo, doesn’t lather very well and is gentler on your hair. One might not always want or need to clean away every bit of oil. If your hair is frizzy for example, it might be beneficial to use sulphate free as the sulphate can make the root frizzier by removing all the essential oil and lifting the cuticle.


We have a great selection of shampoos in salon, and your stylist will recommend the best one for you. Sometimes, it’s better to alternate, this will cover everything that your hair might need at different times.

However one word of warning, if you choose a shop bought shampoo, try to avoid Head and shoulders as this contains a coating that after regular use, doesn’t allow moisture in or out. Not good for any type of hair!

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