As we come to the end of 2021, it’s always good to reflect on how things have gone.

Could we have done better?


Could we have done more?


Could we have behaved differently, during the pandemic?

We don’t believe so!

2020 and 2021, have both been extremely difficult in terms of Covid and all that it has brought to the salon.

We have followed the rules and gone above and beyond to minimise cross infection and we have done our utmost to keep our clients and team safe.

As this is being written, we are facing a new variant and the numbers are sky high once more.

By the time this goes to print, who knows where we will be.

The one thing that has happened, is that it has brought us all closer together and our indomitable spirit is still shining.

We have faced many challenges but we have also had some fantastic moments.

Training has been high on our priority list and we have managed 2 half days with Army Colucci from Schwarzkopf. Not only that but we have sent 2 team members on a hair up course and attended a Lights Camera Action photoshoot at the Iris Studio.

Happy New Year

We feel so lucky to have survived the whole dreadful situation as a business, with 3 different lockdowns and a challenging trading period, of which we won’t fully recover from.

We must thank our clients, who have stayed with us and worn masks when asked, to protect themselves and our team. We hope that 2022 will be different, or at least more stable. We will continue to strive to do even better and come back from our Christmas/new year break, full of enthusiasm and renewed hope!

We are as always, so grateful to our lovely customers, old and new!

We are excited to show you new products and styles and there has never been a better time to book an appointment at 77 The Hill!

It just leaves one more thing to say…

Happy new year to you all!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

If you would like more information about any treatment please call us on 0208 367 9977 or 0208 364 5700 or email us.