New year 2022

Happy new year to everyone!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas in spite of the current circumstances, although infinitely better than last year – it has still been a difficult time for many!

Unfortunately, we have started the year with our fair share of covid cases amongst staff. We must reassure you that we take your safety and our own extremely seriously and continue to follow guidelines and take great care with our cleaning regime.

We are looking forward to so much in the salon this coming year and want to get on with a near-normal working life – whatever that may look like.

We have many new products and exciting new colours to share with you over the coming months and there has never been a better time to change your hair colour or hair style while January is traditionally quiet in the salon.

Trends for the coming year

Our most popular technical service is still different forms of balayage. We don’t see this changing in 2022 however, there will be even more choice of colour and tones and this service will be tweaked by adding more colour or even more subtle tones added.

Our temporary colour range has caught up with our permanent range! Permanent colour has always evolved to produce just about every shade of red, copper, blonde, mahogany and brown, with many colours in between… You would be hard pushed not to find a colour that you like in a permanent range but not everybody wants a permanent colour and Chroma ID has many options to fill a different need or method of colouring your hair.

If your hair is a light to mid-brown, you can change the colour temporarily and if your hair is blonde to mousy, the colour can also be changed completely. Where it gets complicated, is the darker the hair, it can still be changed but more by adding tone and depth. Chroma ID is completely semi-permanent with no use of peroxide and no skin test or allergy test is needed pre-service.

This is great if you want to test out a new colour without compromising on condition. Virtually any shade can be mixed and we can even mix up shades for you to be able to do at home!

Our stylists are fully trained on this fabulous product so you can be sure you will get great advice from any one of the team if you have any questions.

Always learning

We have a lot of training booked for 2022 and rest assured, we will take you with us on our training journey.

If you would like more information about any treatment please call us on 0208 367 9977 or 0208 364 5700 or email us.