It’s all our own work!

At 77 The Hill, we have always displayed our own work in the salon, even though we have access to plenty of merchandise advertising certain brands.

There’s nothing wrong with advertising other work and we do indeed it can enhance salon surroundings but our director, Mel has always insisted on displaying our own work.

This can build relationships with our clients, who can visualise how their hair might look if there are examples in front of them. Not only that, we can sometimes use images of their hair (with permission) to blow our own trumpet a bit more!

Trends for the coming seasons

The iconic bob will is around to stay! It has reinvented itself many times, with different finishes and lengths and it is going nowhere.

Colour and condition of hair will be more important than ever. Colour is evolving all the time with so much more choice in the semi-permanent range. Natural products without the use of peroxide are being asked for more and more. Some semi-permanents cover a percentage of grey but the only way you can cover a high percentage of grey is by using peroxide along with colour.

Conditioning treatments are really important for any type of hair but are especially beneficial to chemically treated hair.

Our beautiful Fibreclinix range has something for every type of hair. This amazing product mends broken bonds that occur during the colouring process. Each treatment will repair inside the hair and also the outer cuticle, by completely sealing it for 60 days. This stops porosity and with the triple bonding and C21 technology, will restore hair to its pre-treated state.

There is certainly no need to compromise on condition if a stronger more permanent colour is needed. The treatments are suitable for hair that hasn’t been chemically treated too.

If you would like more information about any treatment please call us on 0208 367 9977 or 0208 364 5700 or email us.