After summer has gone

The last few weeks have been really busy, with lots of colour and styling. There have been several weddings through the salon doors with brides and bridesmaids and extremely pretty hair.

Blonde hair is still trending, either on its own or with pastel tones.  Our wonderful Blondme spray in pastel shades, Jade, Ice, strawberry and steel blue are selling like hot cakes! Simply spray them in, dry in your preferred way and you have instant tone in your hair.

The beauty of these pastel colours is that when you are fed up with them they simply wash out, however, the colour can build up if you prefer by reapplying and washing your hair less. You can if you are slightly more adventurous, add all 4 shades to give the “unicorn” effect which is bang on trend and set to continue. At £17 each and very affordable!

All of us have received training on some new products and we can’t wait to show off new skills with colour!

As we look towards autumn and winter, colour will feature heavily as always and with new methods of application, we are seeing a move towards a more subtle look. Think Balayage but slightly less – although the shade choice may well still be bold with “Blorange” a mixture of orange, pink and copper or “Unicorn” a mix of pastel shades. Flashes of pastels or bolder colours are trending too.

Hairdressing has always been a fast moving environment and social media plays a huge part in getting the word out there. We can share ideas and learn from others and sharing knowledge is a fantastic way of keeping up to date and providing our clients with the very best.

It’s a huge privilege when clients trust us to make their hair look beautiful. This all creates a happy environment to work in and no better feeling than a satisfied and happy customer.

This month we welcome Elaine to the team. She will be working Thursdays as a work experience placement from the local College. We are very happy to help her along her hairdressing journey and hope she will find the time with us invaluable.

If you would like more information about any treatment please call us on 0208 367 9977 or 0208 364 5700 or email us.