One for new Mum’s…

Celebrity mum’s and Kate Middleton are no different when it comes to hair.

We are frequently asked questions about hair care during pregnancy. Advice on hair colour, and strength and hair loss after having a baby. Should you have your hair coloured? Will it affect the baby? What about after care? What happens to your hair during pregnancy?

During 9 months of pregnancy, many women experience changes in their hair such as – growing quicker, appearing thicker, and in some rare cases, it is possible to turn curly hair straight and vice versa!

The female reproductive system, produce the hormones oestrogen and progesterone in abundance, which can make hair grow much faster and make hair thicker in texture. It has the effect of enabling the hair to stay on your head for much longer, by plumping it up, this will make your hair look shinier, and thicker for the pregnancy particularly during months 3-6. After pregnancy, the hormone level drops and the hair will fall out at the normal rate – only this time, it will make you lose the extra hair that you have held on to during pregnancy and can give the impression that you are losing your hair at a dramatic rate!

Rest assured, it is completely normal.

Nails can grow much quicker too as they are made of keratin – the same as hair. Excess hair can be found on the face too although this is less common.

Colouring safely

There have been studies to show the effects of chemicals getting into the bloodstream during the colouring process and it has been shown that whilst caution should always be taken, colouring the hair during pregnancy is considered safe with non-toxic effects in the bloodstream.

As with any colour service, a skin test must be carried out at least 48 hours beforehand.

We are asked about dying your hair whilst breastfeeding too and how safe it might be. It has been proved that only the tiniest amount of chemicals will be absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore it is deemed completely safe to colour hair whilst breastfeeding. This is true of semi-permanent or permanent hair dye.

If you have any concerns at all we are only too happy to discuss them with you before any service.


We would like to announce the safe arrival of Emma’s baby girl born on 22/10/17 weighing a healthy 7lb 10ozs! Mum and baby are doing very well, congratulations to Emma and Rob.

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