Busy since Easter!

We have been extremely busy since before Easter and this week is no exception.

In spite of all the rain we’ve had, spring definitely feels closer…

There has been some lovely colour work going on in the salon – please see the photos attached to this blog.

We chose Richard’s lovely client as we feel it reflects the incoming new season.

Planet friendly

As a small business, we are constantly looking at re-cycling and sustainability.

The hairdressing industry as a whole can have a large carbon footprint. We need to look for any way to limit these effects.

Our partners, Milkshake and Schwarzkopf help by reducing packaging and we use disposable towels amongst other things.

This week sees the return of our very popular de-tangling brushes.

Made by Head Jog, they are made of straw and are completely environmentally friendly. During production the increment of carbon emission is zero, therefore reducing CO2 emission.

The brushes massage the scalp and de-tangle the hair at the same time. Used on wet or dry hair, we strongly advise everyone to own one! At only £6 each, what’s not to love?


As hair stylists, we like to think we inspire our clients to be bold and embrace change! But how do hairdressers find their inspiration?

By gaining knowledge from various means…

By watching and learning…

By looking at magazines…

Through social media…

But mostly by learning from our peers…

Hence our latest training session with the simply wonderful Hannah from Milkshake. Hannah is truly inspirational, owning her own salon and being an ambassador for Milkshake, she has years of experience – coupled with her extensive knowledge of Milkshake products – one cannot help but be impressed by her enthusiasm for all things hair.

Our training consisted of working on models and trying out new colour gloss treatments and also the removal of colour with minimal hair damage.

We love our training sessions and have 2 more booked in for later this year.

If you would like more information about any treatment please call us on 0208 367 9977 or 0208 364 5700 or email us.