Celebration time!

Our wonderful apprentice Eleni, has recently qualified as a hair stylist.

Not only that but she passed with flying colours and gained a distinction in all categories!

We couldn’t be more proud…

There is no better feeling than nurturing and watching a person grow and Eleni is the epitome of self-motivation and willingness to learn.

Endless enthusiasm

Eleni was so enthusiastic and at times felt frustrated if progress seemed slow…however, as always with any training, it is so important to get the basics right. Hairdressing is multi-faceted and every element must be understood to allow creativity to flow.

Choosing hairdressing as a career is a great decision. There is real job satisfaction and a feel good factor. After all, we spend our days making people look and feel great.

When we build relationships with clients, we get to know things that are personal, such as lifestyle and about their family. Coupled with working up close and personal to them, makes for a totally unique relationship.

They put their trust into us and the partnership between client and stylist can be amazing and so rewarding!

Research has shown that a client will return to their stylist for several reasons, not just the way that they do their hair! It is just as important to have a good connection and friendly approach.

No job like it!

Eleni has a qualification for hairdressing which involves amongst other things, creative skills, science, formulae, maths, English, communication, customer service, recycling, scalp disorders, colouring, cutting and styling.

Hairdressing is not an easy choice as we stand all day and often don’t have a break.

This is not by any means, an exhaustive list! With long hours, it can be exhausting but there is no other job like it and if it fits, it’s the best feeling in the world!

Eleni will be offering half price services to get her started and to build her clientele. Be sure to take advantage of this offer as it won’t be around for ever! See our Special Offers

Join Eleni whilst she is starting out on her hairdressing journey. We know she will make a fabulous stylist.

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