Spring has sprung… in hairdressing anyway!

We all love it when we have a new product to shout about.

When the sun starts to shine and the birds can be heard singing early in the morning, we know that spring is well on the way.

As each new season starts, the urge for change can be strong in hairdressing.

Particularly with colour, we might feel like changing our shade or tone to brighten up what we have already.

Thankfully there are lots of different ways to do this.

Colour changes

Some are more intrusive and permanent and some are temporary. Who doesn’t love a little change now and again?

Milkshake have just brought out the perfect pink shampoo and conditioner.

Anyone can use it on their hair but it works best on a light base. The lighter the hair, the truer the pink becomes.

The conditioner can be left on for a few minutes to give it a slightly more intense look.

So, what is so good about this new product?

It doesn’t need a patch test first, so you can safely use it on the scalp without any worry of allergies.

Both shampoo and conditioner contains nor sulphates or parabens, so it is kind to your hair.

They both also contain milk proteins and grapefruit extract. Giving the hair a healthy shine and delicious smell.

You can also buy these products to take home and maintain yourself. The more often it’s used, the more intense the colour becomes, although it just washes out if you get tired of it!

If your hair is lightened or bleached to a clean blonde, the end result will be quite intense. It will deposit different pink tones whatever the colour of your hair and if the hair is darker in places, it will be more of a rose gold look.

This product is fun and is great for a temporary new look. Just the thing for a new spring look!

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