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Conditioner or conditioning treatment?

The majority of our clientele use some kind of conditioner in their hair, however the market is flooded with hair treatments and conditioners and it can be tricky knowing which one to choose!

Every head of hair will benefit from using an everyday conditioner which will simply coat the hair shaft with ingredients that will smooth the cuticle and make combing, brushing, and styling easier.

Depending on the ingredients, there are some that will suit coloured hair, or chemically treated hair. There are some for fine hair, adding volume and some for curly hair which helps keep the curls bouncy and curly.

Conditioners that contain collagen are good for most hair types but especially good for ageing hair!

As we age, a lot of things happen to our hair. We lose elasticity as hormone levels drop, and our hair, which might have been silky smooth in our youth, can become dry, brittle and frizzy, making it much harder to manage.

Conditioners for every budget

There are conditioners to suit every budget and a lot of the ingredients are particular to certain hair types.

Hair treatments are different to surface conditioners but they will still enable you to comb the hair through and make it easier to style.

Deep treatments are different in respect of ingredients and they work by penetrating the cortex of the hair. A lot of treatments contain sulphur bonds, which will repair broken bonds due to lightening and chemical treatments.

They should only be used weekly or monthly, otherwise the hair will become saturated and will be heavy and lank.

When choosing a conditioner, keep it simple by looking for one for your hair type. Most shampoos and conditioners are now sulphate-free, which is better for your hair. Then work out which will benefit your hair the most, for example, one that has ingredients for coloured hair or for hair that requires volume.

Here at 77 The Hill, we have an extensive range to suit most hair types. If in doubt, ask your stylist about which one you should use.

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