Exciting news about Gelish manicures!

We are very pleased and excited to announce that, Leanne will be offering manicures from April 2019.

Leanne has been training at Nail Harmony using Gelish products.

Gelish is a premium brand hybrid, between a polish and a gel, used in good beauty hair salons, it is entirely a gel consistency, making it smooth and glossy to apply. It is painted directly as an overlay onto the nail (not onto acrylics) and must be dried under a lamp, otherwise it will not dry and always be sticky!

Removal is always advised to be carried out in the salon by a trained professional as they need to be soaked off with a special acetone based solution and wrapped in foil for a couple of minutes. They can then be gently scraped with an orange stick until all the gel has gone.

This should not be attempted by anyone other than your therapist, as serious damage can be done to your nails.

Leanne Head Junior Stylist