Party season!

December is all about Christmas, colder weather and celebrations…

Family parties, Work do’s and friends getting together – all good reasons to get dressed up and get our hair done.

A nice big curly blow dry or hair up can make one feel super glamorous!

Perhaps hair up is more your style? To make hair look casual and un-done, takes quite a bit of effort. It sometimes has to last all afternoon and evening so it must be set first and the use of products will feature strongly. S messy bun can look great to add a bit of glamour.

Maybe extra hair would help to make your style thicker or add some length or a different colour temporarily.

A simple pony tail, set high will look amazing and can dress an outfit up or down.

If your hair is naturally curly, it might be nice to try wearing it straight, or vice versa.

Managing hair at home can be a minefield or you could be one of the lucky people that can make their hair into different styles, quite effortlessly!

Treat time

Whatever your situation, a little treat at the salon will save time and a lot of effort if you’re going somewhere nice, or just need a little pick me up.

If you do your own hair, the most important things are having the right tools for the job and the correct use of professional products, which any good stylist will be able to help with.

A must have would be a good styling brush, and some straighteners or curling tongs. You would also need a styling product and finishing cream, serum, paste, gel or hairspray.

If going to a salon is what you prefer, there may be a couple of things to remember. Hair up is better if the hair isn’t freshly washed. Your stylist might prefer you to wash it the day before the appointment.

He/she may also ask you to come in the day before to set the hair in rollers. These steps will all help to hold the style in longer.

Whatever your needs, your salon will be able to help.

There’s only one thing left to do when your hair is looking good and that is have a great time!


We want to congratulate Michaela, who is now a fully-fledged stylist!

We wish her all the best and good luck going forward.

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