Salon sassy

We try to document some of the work created by stylists in our salon.

Like everywhere now, we use it on social media and in salon. It’s a way of showing off our skills, keeping on top of the latest trends and also sometimes to provide insight in to where we can do better.

A lot of times, people use filters and colours to refine photos and there is nothing wrong with wanting our work stand out and be perfect but – it is so important to reflect real life.

People do not lead perfect lives, have perfect skin and flawless hair! We try to be mindful of portraying good images whilst keeping it true to life and realistic.

If all our clients looked like a super model and had perfectly long, thick and shiny hair, we may as well pack up and go home! Far better than that is looking after clients of all ages, all sizes and all types and colour of hair.

Our clients all live different lives and have different stories to tell. We love the fact that sometimes, we don’t know who will be sitting in the chair next and how they may want their hair to look. This is true artistry – this is where creative people flourish and love bringing out the best in someone’s hair.

And it must be reflected in our photography, to portray a true selection of styles and show our lovely clients of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Social media shows so much good if used properly and fairly but we all know about its darker side where people can use an entirely anonymous platform to say what they like about other people. This can be devastating and in some cases, catastrophic for mental health and well-being.

We all have a responsibility to be mindful and respectful of other people, whatever their interests are, or how they look. If we don’t like something about someone we can ignore it and move on, we do not have to participate in trolling or go out of our way to highlight their faults.

With all this in mind, please take a few minutes to look at some of our work on our beautiful, colourful, wonderful clients. These images have not been photo shopped or have any filters what so ever!

We hope you enjoy them!

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