Hair – A Different World

According to BBC news recently, there is a remote village in Myanmar, Burma, where indigenous females wear their hair in a certain style, depending on what their marital status is!

Their styles reflect age, marriage or simply ready to date.

This is a tradition going back 200 years and some of the women say that when they see other women and girls, from other villages and towns, they get laughed at.

The village, named Yay Pote Gyi, is getting a lot of new visitors, due to a road being built that has connected them more to the outside world.

The females are seeing new and different styles and some are wanting to change theirs! In the past, boys know when they can approach the girls for dating because of their hairstyle and once they reach a certain age, usually 16, their mothers change their style to promote dating, ready for marriage.

This is a wonderful way to make a statement!

As females, our hairstyles can be extremely important to us and these women have taken it up to another level. It’s creative and thought-provoking the way that they wish to be portrayed, involving males in their decision making.

This tradition seems out of place in the modern world but is it really?

Although it would not work in the western world, there may still be some old traditions that we don’t even think about!

Girls and women still sometimes ask for male opinion about their hair however, ultimately, they choose their own style. We know this is true because a client will often say that their partner prefers their hair in a certain way or in a certain colour.

I don’t know about you but we’re kind of hoping that their 200-year-old tradition will stay around and not be affected by outsiders to the village. It also goes to show that wherever you are, or whoever you are, you can still be affected by intimidation and bullying!

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