We never stop learning. Our regular training sessions, allow us to try out new things, make a few mistakes and also strengthen our knowledge.

This week, we closed the salon for an afternoon and Jamie Farrar from Schwarzkopf, came along for new product training and to oversee some balayage work on 3 models.

We were lucky to have 3 great models – all of whom wanted different things and the team were let loose on them in pairs.

Balayage continues to be one of the most requested services in the salon. There are many different types and combinations of colour and it can be a simple fast job, using free hand techniques for a natural or subtle result. On the other hand, it can literally take hours to achieve the right colour, especially when you are trying to get the correct shade of blonde.

Finding our wonderful hair models

Finding willing participants, is part of our education plan. The team at 77 The Hill have great ideas and we brainstorm around each model and come up with a plan. Our educator, the lovely Jamie has great ideas. Schwarzkopf has a good solid education plan for their educators and are always on top of new ideas and trends.

Of course, we have to take into account the models current hair colour and condition, which we would also do for any paying client too.

Our first model has naturally light blonde hair with no colour on it. It has been lightened by the sun and we decide to go ahead with a freehand technique, to enhance the already blonde ends. A toner was applied afterwards to soften and bring the colour together.

Our second model has faded copper hair with lightened and faded ends. It was decided that we would tone down the root as this was too bright. We then chose a flat tone to add to the copper so as to keep some of the vibrancy. A root drag was applied with a lighter shade on the mid-lengths and ends, plus a yellow toner was added to the tips to enhance the tone even more.

Our third model, was quite concerned about the condition of her damaged hair. We decided to enhance the colour by placing it under the parting so when the hair moves, the colour would come through and wouldn’t compromise the condition.

We also put a clear gloss tone all over which gives the hair a very vibrant shine.

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Model for Natalina and Angela

Soft balayage in the making video

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