Spring trends

Hair trends come about in many ways. Not least by social media which are influenced by the catwalk.

Often exaggerated on the runway, an idea will come from a designer that will match the hair to the clothing. This then creates a possibility as a commercial look and it is picked up by the hairdressing world and tweaked until it catches on.

Celebrities do a lot to advertise a certain look, posting their photos on Instagram and having glossy magazine photo shoots.

There are of course, thousands of cut and colour combinations and it’s hard to predict what will become the next trend.

These are some of the looks from catwalks, celebrities and photos on Instagram that may (or may not) inspire you!

Matching hair colour with clothing, is hot for spring however, one must own an awful lot of clothing in the same colour!

Long live the bob!

A bob haircut is the staple style of hairdressers everywhere. It can be long, short, layered, graduated, with or without a fringe – it’s so versatile.

Twiggy, the 60’s model, made the bob famous, however, it was around for many years before that, known as “The Flapper”, created by a Parisian stylist. Many hairdressers have created their own version of this classic hair cut

It is, without doubt, the most asked for hair cut in our salon. We have been doing some lovely bob’s lately and quite a few people have asked for re-styles using the bob as an example.

Bob’s will suit any hair, thick or thin, straight or curly and any face shape. Adding texture and chopping into the length, can soften thicker hair, making it easier to manage and style. A precision blunt cut, makes for a strong dramatic look. Adding a different type of fringe, either blunt, chopped into, layered or side swept, all give the bob hair cut a different look.

Curly hair does well in a bob and can often be left to dry with minimum effort. Precision cuts need a little more looking after to bring out the best shape of the hair.

Many celebrities historically and currently wear a bob style and we are sure it will be here for many years to come.

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