February saw some good training sessions.

Some with Mel and some with Jamie Farrar from Schwarzkopf. We had a great training session with Jamie on the new Vibrance colour range

Vibrance has been around for a few years but it has just been re-vamped and re-formulated. There are brand new colours and two different ways of applying to the hair.

With up to 70% grey coverage (we have found it to be more on many occasions) it is a great way of covering and blending grey without the permanence of tint. Lasting up to 25 shampoos and applied with a gel or lotion, depending on required intensity, plus a short development time of 5-20 minutes, it really is versatile.

Plus, because of the technology and consistency of the gel and lotion, the application process is fast and smooth, providing a quick painless colour service for people in a hurry and let’s face it, we all want everything NOW!

There are many new shades, with some new ones that match the permanent Igora range to really intensify the hair colour. The triple 0 shade, can be used as a stand-alone gloss to enhance your hair colour, or as a diluter for any colour in the range.

Vibrance colourant contains a unique ingredient called AQUAXYL which protects the hair during the colouring process. Alcohol-free, it contains vitamins B5 and B3, which shields the hair and holds moisture creating a beautiful shine.

There are shades that can be used as a toner after a lightening service, which we were very happy to try out on each other during a training session with Jamie.

If any of our lovely clients want to change their hair colour or enhance the colour they already have, Vibrance is a fantastic way of doing just that. It is not a permanent colour, although the more times you apply it and depending on porosity, the longer it will last. Come along and try it out, or ask for a gloss service after your permanent colour service. You will not be disappointed!

Please remember, you will always need a skin test before changing colour, going a darker shade, as a new client or annually as a regular client. There are no exceptions to this – you can become allergic to colour, even if you have been colouring your hair for years with no problems!


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