Finally, some sunshine!

How much better do we all feel when the sun is shining?

We have been busy creating some gorgeous summer colours and we are delighted to have had a few brides in to practice their summer wedding hair.

Bridal hair has to be one, if not the most important hairstyle. Creating something bespoke and unique is a dream for most hairdressers. It’s important to get to know the bride and together, come up with something that compliments the dress and the person wearing it.

The secret to successful bridal hair, is understanding the wishes of the bride, along with good advice from the stylist. Apart from doing what the bride wants, a stylist will take many things into account. Such as the dress, hair accessories, hair colour and condition, what time of day the wedding will be and perhaps just as importantly, what the weather will be like. Obviously, there are no guarantees about that but if the wedding is taking place in a hot country, it might be more fitting to have the hair put up, as humidity and hair are not very good friends!

A lot of girls grow their hair for their special day and decide on hair up however, it’s becoming increasingly more popular to have a combination of half and half.

A lot will depend on the style of dress of course and the hairstyle will set off the whole look. Soft plaits and knots look fantastic and effortless, along with buns and chignons.

Clients can always take ideas from different celebrities but your hairdresser must always steer you in a different direction if your face shape/ hair is totally unsuitable.

If you have a wedding coming up, either the bride or simply a guest, pop in or call us for some hair advice.

Good luck to anyone tying the knot in the next few weeks.

It’s another small step to getting back to normal.

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