This week…

We closed the salon to customers and had a wonderful training session with Jamie Farrar from Schwarzkopf. Every team member had a model and we had a brain storming session to decide what we were going to do on each one.

Everybody put forward their ideas and Mel decided who would be matched with who.

Training is so important for many reasons. You need to stay competitive as there are many salons to contend with in the area. Not only that, products change all the time and new ones come and go. We have to decide which are best for our clients and then we learn how to use them. Learning is good for moral and stops complacency.

Occasionally it’s good to be a little competitive amongst the team too. Hairdressing is a constantly changing environment for all the above reasons and that’s partly why it’s such a great industry to work in. We are always aiming to make people look and feel great, training is a huge part of that.

Our inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including the fashion world, our training providers, celebrities and of course, more and more now – social media. We can use social media to put our own ideas forward and gain from others too.

Schwarzkopf have introduced many new products in the last few years, with the emphasis on good condition and gentle colouring. Lightening services have changed dramatically, with wonderful products available that won’t compromise the condition of your hair and can also restore and mend broken bonds. We love the Blondme range and we frequently have training on the system. We also learn any new techniques used for colouring – we have found there are usually many ways to achieve the same look and each team member may pick something different to use and their own technique, whilst still achieving the same result. This again, is something you can only do in training and by making mistakes.

We always take photos during these sessions to look back on progress – we have shared some of them with you – we hope you like them. We are more than happy to answer any questions about your hair needs. We give free consultations and are on the end of the phone Tuesday to Saturday.

If you would like more information about any treatment please call us on 0208 367 9977 or 0208 364 5700 or email us.