Summer Hair…

As we move towards summer time, holidays are in our minds.

Where are you going for your holiday? The temperatures we have been seeing in this country, have been hard to beat, even for Spain and Europe.

Hair care is extremely important whilst visiting a hot country and one of the most asked questions, in the salon, is, how do I protect my hair from the sun and chlorine?

There are many things we can do to protect our hair and scalp but unfortunately, not one foolproof method.

We think nothing of smothering ourselves in sun cream, to protect our skin but our hair often gets overlooked. Hair can be fragile, especially if it has been chemically treated with colour. We need to do everything we can to help prevent breakage or colour fade.

We have some gorgeous sun packs with shampoo, conditioner and protective moisture pack. Alternatively, you could use a good colour shampoo, which will protect the hair from colour fade. We have BC Colour and care in 250ml and conditioner to match in 200ml. There is a lovely marula and rose oil, which is light and can be used on wet or dry hair, priced at £20.50. This will also help to protect the hair from the elements and chlorine from the pool.

People ask all the time whether they should have colour on their hair before they go away, particularly somewhere hot and generally it is ok but you need to take precautions.

Depending on where you’re going, how hot it is, and how long you are away for, all make a difference. It should be absolutely fine to have hi-lights or lightener in your hair but there are factors to consider. If you swim in the sea, generally no problem, however, the pool can affect the colour, depending how much chlorine is in the water, you may get a green or khaki hue to your hair, due to salts in the chlorine mix! This will need a professional service in the salon when you return but a quick, no fuss fix for a night out, could be tomato ketchup! Yes – really! Just apply a little, straight from the bottle and dry in. This will neutralise the greenish tinge.

A hat or cap will protect your scalp but you will still need to be careful. Whilst it is important to be careful and look after your hair, remember you will usually only go somewhere hot once a year (or more if you’re lucky) so any damage done will be minimal and can be rectified with a quick consultation at the salon.

Hair extensions will need looking after too, just treat them like your own hair and keep the same care regime. It’s probably best to keep them tied up and keep interaction with chlorine to a minimum.

Happy holidays!

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