Our Big Hair Do event
Some of our lovely guests at our event

The Big Hair Do!

Wow! What a night we had.

The event was really well attended, with lots of hair activities such as shimmer, shampooing, luxury treatments, hand massage and blow drying tips.

Our two lovely guests – yoga expert Saffie, along with Chelsea and Sam from Bounce, were kept busy during the evening, talking about their different fitness methods and our guests were invited to have a jump on a Bounce trampoline, which Chelsea and Sam brought with them.

Each guest enjoyed a glass of bubbly and some lovely nibbles and were able to introduce their friends to the salon, receiving a 20% discount for themselves if they booked a hair service on the night. As all our new clients, receive a discount for their first appointment, it’s important to recognise our loyal clients and give them something back too.

At the end of the evening, every guest received a free goody bag with 10 different products from the Schwarzkopf Blondme range, the Osis styling range and the BC care range. All nicely carried in a Big Hair Do bag.

Our special guest, was the delightful Anna from Creative Head magazine. We were able to give her a lovely pink shimmer in her hair and a blow dry before she left! We look forward to seeing her article and photographs in a later edition of Creative Head.

We want to say a big thank you to our clients that came along, we hope you enjoyed it and we will be doing more evenings like this in the future.

Love Island – what are your thoughts?

As the nation takes a grip on football, wishing our players good luck for the most important tournament of their lives, there is another summer series that everyone is talking about – yes you’ve guessed it – Love Island.

I would say that the good majority of our customers, are talking about it with us. Those that love it, want to talk about it a lot! If you’re not a fan, then it must be quite annoying to hear people going on and on about the various characters and shenanigans they get up to!

A lot of people have brought up the subject of hair extensions on some of the contestants. It seems that some of the girls have them and they are not afraid to wear their hair up, even though they are clearly visible.

Our hair extension expert, Natalina, has been taught by Great Lengths extensions. She is taught to hide the extensions as much as possible and not go too far up the head with the application. This makes the hair look as natural as possible without any visible signs of tapes or bonds.

It seems that most of the girls on the show, are pretty adept at looking after their hair – extensions or not and after all, it is a choice to have them or not.

Look out for a more in-depth item on hair extensions in the near future.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone and remember, keep your hair and skin hydrated as much as possible!

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