Colour World

We recently attended this great event in Shoreditch for the second time. This time we were able to watch our very own Hannah at work with the rest of the YAT.

It was amazing to see her on stage demonstrating fabulous techniques for colour, and talking to the audience like a seasoned pro!

Colour World is an interesting environment, where hair colour is everything and many boundaries are pushed! If you don’t think outside the box and come out of your comfort zone, things will stagnate and we will never learn new innovations. After all, it is only through making mistakes, that we learn how to achieve perfection. When we think we know everything there is to know about something, we may as well give up.

There were lots of new shades, including a good nude palette with a beautiful, nude pastel green to enhance the range.

New techniques for balayage were strong and bleach and tone will be around for a long time, with many new shades of toner being introduced constantly.

We now have in stock, a new range of shampoo shimmers. Blues and purple shampoo, have been around for a few years, so it was just a matter of time before tones were introduced for brunettes and darker tones.

We have a red shimmer, gold, apricot, strawberry, lilac and silver. All of which you can buy in the salon and retail at £14.50. They really enhance any hair colour, are perfectly safe to use and are set to be a massive summer hit! They can be mixed together or have one colour on the roots and another on the ends.

Big Hair Do

As some of you will know, we are holding a very special event on Wednesday, June 20th from 5.30 onwards. Invitations are going out for this event, and are going fast, don’t miss out on this unique event!

Leena Rathod from Schwarzkopf, will be in the salon and available to talk to you about products – she is very knowledgeable on what is best for certain types of hair. Feel free to get the most out of her expertise, she is looking forward to seeing everyone.

Also on the night, there will be lots of special offers on products and services and each guest will receive a great goody bag to take home. You can sample our new shampoo shimmers, enjoy a free scalp or hand massage with our fantastic rose oil by the lovely, Chelsea Lee and of course, no event is complete without a glass of fizz and a few nibbles.

If anyone is interested in taking up a new form of exercise, Saffie Dee will be on hand to talk about different types of yoga and she can tell you about classes, location and availability. If you are interested in coming along and bring a friend, call the salon to inquire about tickets.

And finally a fond farewell

Our lovely stylist Emma, who has recently been on maternity leave, has decided that she cannot return to work for various reasons. We are very sad to say goodbye, but of course, wish her well and we will all continue to be friends, whether she wants us to or not!

If you would like more information about any treatment please call us on 0208 367 9977 or 0208 364 5700 or email us.