Time to reflect…

June has been busy but the immediate rush from re-opening after covid has worn off and you shouldn’t have to wait weeks for an appointment anymore!

There is a lot of planning going on at the salon as we try to return to pre-covid days, slowly but surely.

We are really enjoying some great sporting events like Wimbledon and UEFA Euro ’20 all be it a year late!

For the first time in over a year, there seems to be hope for the future, even if it ends up in a different way to what we knew before.

Another important event that finished in June was LGBT month.

A reception was held at Downing Street, hosted by Boris Johnson. Britain will also host the first ever global equality conference, titled: Safe to be me. Kindness, tolerance and openness will be high on the agenda along with inclusiveness, especially in countries where tolerance of the LGBT community is lower.

Hairdressing, beauty and hospitality industries have always been pioneers in diversity and equality but we can always do more and we should not be complacent in our efforts to truly be inclusive.

We were touched by a football fan this week, on BBC news from the LGBT community, who went to watch England play at Wembley as a full non binary person. They wore full make-up and naturally, they were very anxious. They were met with positivity and friendliness and didn’t encounter any hostility. Good news and one would hope we could live in a world where this is the norm eventually…

Exciting new products

We are always investing in new products and some really take off and become best sellers. This has happened with our new Milkshake Lifestyling amazing anti humidity spray.

It protects the hair from heat and humidity brilliantly. We recommend you try it!

We also have some gorgeous, powerful hairdryers. They look good, are light to hold and dry your hair super quickly. These are no ordinary hairdryers! There are 2 settings, one for volume and texture and one for anti-static, hydrated and straight. They are simply brilliant at controlling frizzy hair too! They retail at £125.

Good luck to the England football team! It’s coming home….

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