What a year!

I think we can say quite easily that 2020 has been the strangest year!

There has been a lot of bad things happen this year, not least the current pandemic, which has affected just about everyone, everywhere in the world.

Although the full impact won’t be known for some time, it has had a massive effect on our industry, not only being closed for 4 months this year but all the restrictions that we have had to put in place and monitor closely.

We have invested in mountains of PPE, restricted the numbers of stylists and clients therefore cutting our revenue quite considerably.

However, there have been some wonderful moments and a feeling of hope for the future.

Stay safe and stay well

Our stylists all pulled together!

Our stylists have all pulled together to work in some uncomfortable gear and work some long, unfamiliar hours. We have helped each other and lifted our spirits by appreciating our wonderful team.

Our clients have been truly amazing! They have adapted to our new way of working and have all been willing to wear masks to protect us – this means the world to everyone in the salon.

We really have got the best clients!

With our world being turned upside down, we have even managed some training sessions and taken on a full-time apprentice, who is already proving to be invaluable.

As this year is almost over, we will look back and never forget 2020 – but we are looking forward to 2021 and we cannot wait to carry on making our clients happy. It’s what we do best and we will do our utmost to keep up our high standards, whatever the restrictions are.

We will do everything we can to stay open and follow all the guidelines to protect clients and staff alike and we hope that the second part of the year – or before if we’re lucky – will be as near to normal as possible.

We miss making you all tea and coffee and hanging your coats up!

We would like to thank you all for your never-ending patience and continued custom.

This leaves just one thing left to say:


Happy Christmas from the 77 hair salon team

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