Modern day hair dilemmas

Which products?

Bombarded with hair care ranges – what do we really need to use on our hair? How many products do we need to keep our hair looking good?

Trying to keep your hair in immaculate condition all the time is a tall order. There are many influences as to why it may be fly away, dry, chemically treated or coloured. Damp conditions, bad weather, colouring products, swimming, over blow drying and straightening, can all make your hair dry and unmanageable.

To give it the best chance of holding onto colour, producing shine, making it easier to blow dry or simply making it easier to manage, we recommend you use professional salon products. To get into the market, it will have been tested and tweaked and capable of sorting out any hair disasters.

Companies making hair products concentrate on hair products alone, whereas companies that are outside the hairdressing industry, make other products too, losing a little expertise along the way we believe.

There are thousands of products available and you could easily get bogged down and confused choosing something suitable. Some good advice would be to let your Stylist recommend products for your hair. He/she will have built up a relationship with your hair – knowing and understanding what you may need to get the best out of your hair.

Remember your Stylist will have trained for at least 2 years – sometimes longer – to understand the science behind hairdressing, learning about skin and skin conditions, hair textures, growth patterns and much more! The more they work with your hair, the more they will understand what you need.

Clients sometimes worry that they will be bombarded with pressure to buy lots of products using a hard sell method. At 77 The Hill, you will not be forced or coerced into anything! However, we think it is important to recommend things for your hair, after all, it is what we trained for and we wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t. We want your hair to look and feel great – all the time – not just when you have stepped out of the salon.

If you have a good shampoo and conditioner, that can sometimes be enough. It is also good to alternate products after all, your hair will not be the same every day for 365 days a year. It may be dry after a colour but it may be greasy pre-treatment.

We recommend you speak to your stylist to be sure you are getting the best advice.

The photos are some of our best selling products in the salon!

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