It’s a dogs life!

A day in the life of Monty…

As most of our regulars will know, Monty is a fixture at 77 The Hill! His owner – Mel – is the salon owner and has been bringing him to work for a few years now. He is very popular with most of our customers – and many bring him toys, biscuits and presents!

Monty can be quite territorial and barks at other dogs walking by, protecting his “turf.” However, he is a pussy cat in disguise and is all bark and no bite! He spends his time meeting and greeting the clients and always has a special welcome for the ones who bring him gifts! If it all gets too much, he retires to bed for a rest.

For the staff, it can be therapeutic having him around as he loves cuddles and kisses and he doesn’t ask awkward questions haha! Monty is a miniature Schnauzer, cute as you like and small to medium in size. Hope you like the photos, feel free to volunteer for dog walks!

Major salon news for blondes!

We are excited to announce that the ever popular Schwarzkopf ‘Blondme’ range, which has been a huge success with our clients, is being re-launched after a massive upgrade to an even more superior system for Blonde wannabes!

We can’t wait to get hold of it after some training in early February for all our staff – and show it off to our customers. The products in the range are superior quality and now contain Fibreforce Bond Technology to avoid breakage during the lightening process.

Watch this space for our full article on Blondme – coming soon……

Special Offers

In case you haven’t heard, we are offering half price deals on all colour services with Filiz every Thursday.

We are still offering* 20% discount* on services for all new clients. Call the salon for more details or book online from our website We look forward to seeing you.

P.S. Hope you like the pictures!

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