Toning shampoo

As we all know, lightening our hair is far from simple.

We would love to achieve the right level of lift with the first hit of bleach or lightener!

Sometimes this happens, however it will depend on several factors.

  • Is it virgin hair?
  • Is it porous due to previous colour?
  • Is the base shade 6 or above?
  • Is there much red or copper tone in the hair?
  • Are we using quality products?

Whether a low volume peroxide is used over a longer development time or a higher volume used over a shorter development time, those stubborn coppery gold tones are hard to remove.

When lightening hair, it will go through different stages of lift. The last tones to lift are orange and yellow.

A toner can be used to achieve the required look if there are persistent yellow undertones but if the customer doesn’t want a toner to be used, another way of toning the orange/yellow is by using a purple shampoo.

This will neutralise those unwanted tones and if used regularly, will have the same effect as a toner.

There are different shades of purple shampoo, depending on how much yellow or orange is left in the hair.

Milkshake Icy Blond shampoo

Cleanses hair gently with a specific black pigment that counteracts yellow or orange tones in blond or lightened hair, giving ash tones.

Apply evenly over damp hair, leave in for a few minutes, then rinse. For a more intense result, leave in for a few minutes more. The icy blond products contain pigments that can give a very intense result on porous hair; once the desired result has been reached, alternate with a different shampoo to maintain the results. Proceed with icy blond conditioner.

Milkshake Silver Shine shampoo

Combines the restructuring benefits of milk protein, vitamin-rich blueberries and violet pigment to brighten and neutralise unwanted yellow tones in blonde or grey hair.

Cleanses gently with its specific violet pigment, counteracting unwanted yellow or brassy tones in natural blond or bleached, grey or white hair. Gives hair shine, softness and vitality with its formula containing organic berry extracts and milk proteins.

Use Silver Shine conditioner to compliment the shampoo routine.

For best results, alternate toning shampoos with your regular shampoo.

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