Is age just a number?

Tradition has it, that people of a certain age shouldn’t have long hair!

Why is this? What age is considered appropriate to wear long hair?

An article in Vogue magazine recently, showed Helen Mirren with long hair. Apparently, this caused a bit of a stir and prompted discussion on the merits of older women with shorter hair.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules about what length of hair we should have at any age but there are a few reasonable arguments for wearing it shorter as we age.

Firstly, during and particularly after the menopause, we lose oestrogen. This makes hair thin and lose elasticity, putting a strain on growing hair by giving it a straggly appearance. Keratin starts to decline, which has a similar effect.

Hair growth also slows down with changes in the scalp caused by poor circulation and hardening skin. The texture of hair changes, giving it a wiry appearance with less shine.

Trimming it up to make it look thicker, will help but ultimately, the longer it grows, the thinner it looks. Adding layers and texture will help make it look thicker, with good shape around the face to soften the look.

Long thin straight hair does nothing for any age woman – or man come to think of it!

Pigment fades allowing the hair to look grey.

Fabulous Grey

Grey hair can look fabulous, especially if it’s very dark or very light. Like we have discussed before, there are many ways to enhance the appearance of grey hair but it is most unusual to see ladies of a certain age with very long grey hair. You are more likely to see women from middle age, having a shorter sassier haircut and staying away from long hair.

Whatever length you decide on, as long as it’s trimmed regularly and looked after with treatments, your hair will look at its best, which as we all know will make it our crowning glory!

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