Balayage training with Jack Howard

Always learning

September and October has been all about knowledge and learning new things.

Angela went on a course with Jack Howard for balayage. Jack, who works at Paul Edmonds salon in Chelsea, is a wonderful teacher and his knowledge of balayage is second to none. He works as an educator for Schwarzkopf Professional and has many years’ experience in hairdressing, specialising in balayage.

It’s always good to update our knowledge, no matter how much we already know. There are many different ways of doing balayage and there isn’t one definitive method that suits every type of hair.

Angela really enjoyed her training sessions and cannot wait to put her knowledge to good use on her clients!

Colour correction

Leanne was chosen to attend a colour correction course at Schwarzkopf academy.

There are different types of colour correction and there are many ways to put them right. Whilst she was there, Leanne was able to try out new products and new methods of getting good results, without compromising the condition of the hair.

Correcting colour used to mean sitting in a salon, sometimes for hours and keeping your fingers crossed that it would end in a reasonable result! Thankfully, products have got better and better and today, it’s all about keeping hair in a good condition and mending broken bonds whilst achieving a good correction.

There is a lot of scientific theory that goes with colour correction and it is an experienced hairdresser that will take on some of today’s challenges. It can be a long process and cannot always be done in one session. Cost should always be taken into account when working out what needs to be done.

Hair salon team training

Team training

We recently had the pleasure of Jamie Farrar’s company at 77 The Hill. He spent a day with us, training us on some exciting new products and going over some old favourites. We always look forward to training sessions.

We close the door to clients and save up questions to ask him, or carry out work on models or ourselves. Since covid19, it has been hard to work on models as we must respectfully keep the numbers down in the salon. However, we have plenty of hair blocks and ourselves to try different things!

We believe it’s important to keep up with trends to remain competitive and keep improving. No matter how long one has been doing a job, there are always new things to learn and our team strive not to become complacent.