Autumn is definitely here!

It’s the time of year that we start to see longer nights and shorter days, perhaps some cooler weather with plenty of falling leaves and an urge to eat carbs (or maybe that’s just me)

With covid19 still with us and new social distancing and lockdown rules changing almost daily, it’s hard to keep motivated.

Uncertainty regarding our social lives and events that we once took for granted, seem distant and impossible to believe that we will once again be able to do.

To try and remain positive, we can focus on other things in our lives that can make us feel better such as buying new clothes, make-up, joining an exercise class or maybe having a new hair colour or cut.

Salons are currently under strict covid19 rules, which we enforce rigorously. One of the rules set in place at 77 The Hill, is that we only have one client per stylist at any one time. This keeps the salon safer by restricting the number of clients we have in at any one time.

We see this as an opportunity to spend some more one to time with our valued clients. This also encourages clients to open up and share ideas about their hair that they perhaps wouldn’t be able to do under normal circumstances.

We are still able to offer most services, including balayage and colour changes.

Please talk to one of the team or your stylist if you are thinking of a big change. There’s never been a better time to do something different!

A timely reminder…

Whilst we were working different shifts and times, we noticed that our late evening appointments were really popular.

With this in mind, Natalina and Angela are both working every other Thursday and Friday until 9.00pm! This is great if you want to have colour done after work or you prefer not to spend all day Saturday in the salon.

They are ready to take your appointments but book ahead as appointments are going fast.

Coming soon…

We are excited to have some training at the end of October with Jamie from Schwarzkopf. They have some great new products, hair colours and some old faithful’s that have had a facelift.

If you would like more information about any treatment please call us on 0208 367 9977 or 0208 364 5700 or email us.