Grey revolution

Although it seems like a long time ago now, the legacy of covid will stay with us for a lifetime.

Apart from a few industries, who gained financially from the pandemic, most were hit with huge losses and we are only now beginning to claw back some of those.

There were many things that happened in hairdressing during this time, both good and bad.

People had to re-think their thought processes. A lot of our clients were used to having their hair cut or coloured every 4-6 weeks, which couldn’t be done!

What emerged afterwards was a new era of long hair and long grey roots!

Many of our clients couldn’t wait to cover their greys again and thankfully, most stayed away from the dreaded box dyes!

Embracing Grey

However, there were some that embraced the grey whose hair has now fully grown out. There are many shades of grey and everybody’s hair grows out differently. Some are pure white which is what grey hair is.

When white hair is mixed in amongst our natural hair colour, it gives the appearance of being grey but the more white that appears, the less grey we look.

White hair usually appears around the temples and parting first. It can also be coarser than natural hair. Melanocytes produce a pigment called melanin, which gradually die over time, causing the hair to lose its natural colour.

There is no correlation between hair colour and loss of pigment.

If you’re thinking of growing out your colour and seeing what white/grey looks like, there are several ways of doing it, depending on length, existing colour and amount of re-growth.

Generally speaking the darker the hair, the more white shows whilst growing out. Darker hair can be lifted by de-colouring or lightening. It will also fade over time, added to that, a good hair cut will get rid of some of the dark. The process will take time but can be managed by the above, until the hair looks more natural and can incorporate the new grey look!

The lighter the hair, the less the re-growth will show.

Some lighter hi-lights can be weaved through to blend the colour in and make the regrowth less obvious, or the ultimate way to grow out hair colour naturally is to just keep growing it. With regular trims and good conditioning treatments, before you know it your hair will be fully grown out and into a beautiful white and grey crowning glory!

If you have been thinking about growing your colour out, or indeed if you would like to re-introduce colour into your hair, get in touch with one of our friendly team.

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