Are you constantly at the hairdressers for a trim?

Do you need your greys covered up every couple of weeks?

Or do you pay a visit to the hairdressers every 6 months or so because your hair just doesn’t seem to grow?

The average hair grows 1.2cms a month (half an inch).

There are many products on the market that promote hair growth and thousands of so called miracle cures that make your hair grow thicker and quicker.

Remaining cautious is advisable to say the least and whilst there are no miracle quick and easy cures, there may be some good professional products that promote hair growth.

Is there anything an individual can do to encourage their hair to grow?

Firstly, there are several factors that determine the health of your hair. A healthy diet, not too much alcohol or tobacco, a diet high in sugar is detrimental to your scalp and crash dieting should be avoided. When you starve yourself, your hair will be last to receive any vitamins or nutrients because they’re needed elsewhere in the body. This can also cause hair loss at an alarming rate.

Healthy hair also depends on environmental factors, hormones, medication, genetics and one of the biggest factors – stress.

So it seems having healthy hair that grows at a good rate, is not that simple. After we have recognised any factors that we may possess to prevent us having healthy hair, we can then decide how to put things right. Having a good healthy diet is paramount for everyone. Hormone imbalances, possibly due to the menopause, or PMT, can be sorted with a visit to a GP and giving up smoking and drinking in moderation, is also good advice for anybody, regardless of the state of their hair!

If after all that, your hair is still not growing fast enough or you have thinning or hair loss, what can we do before we turn to professional products which can be costly. Added to that, any product that you turn to, will have to be used regularly to show any improvement and it will most likely take 6 weeks or more to start with.

A balanced diet is a good start but you need to make sure you’re getting the right vitamins as hair is reliant on certain ones for healthy hair growth. Protein and biotin are both associated with hair loss if there is a lack of these in your diet. Iron, zinc and vitamin B12 are also good for the hair and scalp. Supplements can be useful but it is always advised you visit your GP for a consultation and health check- up first.

Regular trims are important – this won’t make your hair grow faster however it will get rid of old hair and keep it looking undamaged.

A Healthy Scalp

A healthy scalp is vital to allow the hair to grow from a healthy place. A good cleansing shampoo used regularly and possibly a good deeper cleanse using a scalp exfoliator. This can help stimulate the blood supply helping growth.

A good conditioner will strengthen the mid lengths and ends which all helps to prevent brakeage and increasing strength.

Make sure that any colour work is kept to a minimum, especially bleach and lighteners, as they can cause weakening and brakeage if not used properly.

Finally, use the correct brush and brush from the ends upwards. Always use a soft bristle brush. Brushing from the root, causes tangling and can also weaken the hair. It is also advised to brush the hair while it’s dry, as wet hair is weaker.

Finally, if you are worried about abnormal hair loss or thinning, you should always get professional advice from your GP, pharmacist a trichologist or sometimes your stylist.

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